Open Clinical Trial Opportunities





Influenza: Combining the drug Pimodivir in Combination with Standard-of-care Treatment in Adolescent, Adult, and Elderly Non-hospitalized Patients with Influenza A Infection who are at Risk of Developing Complications.



Diabetic Gastroparesis:  Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Relamorelin in Patients with Diabetic Gastroparesis .



Irritable Bowel Syndrome:  Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy  of a Range of Linaclotide Doses Administered Orally to Children, Ages 7 to 17 Years.


Migraine:  Assessing the Safety and Efficacy of ONZESTRA Xsail (Sumatriptan Nasal Powder) for the Acute Treatment of Episodic Migraines in Adolescents.






High Cholesterol:   Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Bempedoic Acid combined with Ezetimibe for  Patients Treated with Maximally Tolerated Statin Therapy.




Pediatric Migraine:  Evaluate the efficacy and safety of zolmitriptan nasal spray for the treatment of acute migraines in children between 6 and 11 years old.




Persistent Posttraumatic Headache: Comparing the Efficacy and Safety of 1 Subcutaneous Dose Regimen of Fremanezumab Versus Placebo for the Prevention of Persistent Posttraumatic Headache (PPTH).



Asthma:  A  24-Week Study Comparing the Efficacy and Safety of Three Doses of an orally inhaled product called Glycopyrronium to Placebo and Open-label Spiriva® Respimat® in Patients With Persistent Asthma .